Laino, the intensely natural experience

With LAINO, dive into the heart of plants and rediscover their natural benefits that will radiate the beauty of your skin. Trust Nature to inspire you with LAINO! Thanks to our active ingredients from concentrates of natural ingredients, our treatments full of life will make you radiate joyful confidence: your skin is radiant with vitality and your beauty is naturally nourished and strengthened.

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What are Phyto-active cosmetics?

Natural, safe care and 100% effective

Our R&D laboratories have developed an intimate knowledge of plants to extract their secret treasures. Treatments that encapsulate essential natural concentrates to do you good, a joyful sensory experience, generous products: a formulation where the soul of nature nourishes the well-being of your skin. Solutions to reveal the beauty of your skin, simple, safe, natural and 100% effective.

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Natural, tolerant & effective

Trusting nature to combine tolerance, radiance and vitality

To reveal the beauty of our skin is to reveal the powers of Nature. Select and extract in Nature treasures of beneficial ingredients to radiate your beauty. Naturally effective, positive and generous phyto-active solutions to take care of your skin with confidence.

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Healthy, concentrated & efficient

The essentials for your skin with the right dose of active ingredients

Our charter promotes organic active ingredients and bans harmful ingredients from formulas. So that you can have confidence in each product, independent dermatological experts check each LAINO treatment.

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LAINO wishes to transmit the values of generosity and respect for humans, animals and the environment through its products and its daily actions.
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