Part of the plant: Ghassoul clay

Origin: Morocco


Thanks to all these benefits, this mineral substance offers a large range of skin and hair treatments that are suitable for all skin types. Ghassoul does not contain any surfactants and cleanses the skin through a physical process, absorbing impurities and oils. What's more, it does not damage the hydrolipidic film on the skin and hair. It is famous for its astringent, absorbent and softening qualities.


Ghassoul is a 100% environmentally friendly, natural rock that is known for its soothing and cleansing effects.  A product that has been used for millennia, Ghassoul has long been the product of choice for body, face and hair care in Northern Africa and the Middle East. Astringent, foaming and absorbent, Ghassoul is ideal for gently purifying the body, face and hair.
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